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Merry Christmas and a happy final flume

The Flume Of Christmas brings to you the tenth and final video of the season. Featuring Nick Byrne, Rob Chalmers, Adam Watts, Alex Watts as well as myself and Jase, the final song is ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’.

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Flume Of Christmas 9 – Nico ‘Looking Through The Window’

The penultimate Flume sees Nico’s performing his self-penned hymn, ‘Looking Through The Window’, including a hallucination where the hymn suddenly comes to life… Tweet @nicoah

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Flume Of Christmas 8 – Katie Loop-Pedal

We are getting very close to the end of the Flumes. Sad times ahead, but at least we have Christmas to keep us occupied when they are all over. Today’s Flume sees Katie Loop-Pedal from Sheffield, singing an original composition with a sample of Do They Know It’s Christmas for good measure. Enjoy.

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Radio City Cash For Kids Carol Concert

On Sunday (18th December), I was the MD for the annual Radio City carol concert at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, in aid of Radio City Cash for Kids and the James Bulger Memorial Trust. The concert featured Sense Of Sound Singers, Together Pop Choir, The Liverpool Signing Choir, Higher Bebington Junior School choir, Wirral Grammar School for Girls Mixed Choir, The Creative Community Choir, and special guest Chelcee Grimes. It was a very special occasion with fantastic performances from all involved.

Attached is a video of Sense Of Sound Singers performing ‘Carol Of The Bells’.

Feel free to download the programme from the event below.

Programme Anglican 2011

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Flume Of Christmas 7 – Gary

Featuring my nephew’s favourite toy who went away to London without his knowledge, ‘Christmas In London’ by Gary is the latest Flume video. We had to scale down our plans for Flume 7 after spending all our budget on Flume 6 and my first-class trip to Norway.

Again, great credit must go to Nico Russell for masterminding such a beautiful Flume…

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