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Jay’s much-anticipated Mixtape

Jay has released his free mixtape… It’s a fantastic collection of originals and covers, some of which have been heard and seen on his youtube ‘Spare Room Sessions’ and heard in his live sets. My piano can be heard on track one, and Jase’s guitar and my sister Amy’s strings can be heard on track three 🙂

To download the mixtape, go to…

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More Threshold highlights & Beard Cam

Enjoy The Flumes’ efforts at gymnastic-type stuff, along with highlights from the second night of the festival…

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Threshold Art Apology

Ok, so I may not have been as effusive as I could have been about Robyn Woolston’s art installation, so here is my official apology to her, and an interview with the artist herself…

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Backstage at Theshold

Another video from the first night…

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The Flume are avid Art critics

Enjoy the first installment of our art loving antics (you guessed it – it’s not the last!) …….

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