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Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

        Last night saw Sense of Sound Singers join the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra at the BT Convention Centre in Liverpool for BBC Worldwide’s Showcase,  ‘Doctor Who: A Symphonic Spectacular.’

We thoroughly enjoyed working under the direction of Ben Foster, the conductor and arranger of all ten pieces we were involved in. All the music we performed came from the last few series of Doctor Who, and all the pieces were written by Murray Gold.

For more information, see the following review and photos –

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular Review

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Birkenhead Gangshow 2013

 Birkenhead Gangshow 2013 was a fantastic success.

This was the third gangshow I have been involved in, but my first as Musical Director. The cast, orchestra, producers, backstage, tech, hair and make up…etc…etc… all did brilliant jobs and the show was very well received.

It is difficult to pick out particular highlights amongst all the vocal numbers and sketches, but all the soloists did themselves and the show proud. There were many special moments during and the spirit and camaraderie amongst the gang was high throughout the week.

I was proud of the items that I directed, including the song ‘Hopes and Dreams’ which the cast wrote the lyrics for. For me, the message that this song carries defines the show and the 6 months of rehearsals that lead up to it –

Hopes and Dreams

Verse 1

Yeah you want to reach above the clouds in the sky,
You can only fail if you don’t even try.
Times can change in an instant,
But when you float back down,
There’ll be someone waitin’ ‘round,
Waiting for you.


Oh we ain’t working hard for nothin’ (we’ll lift each other up)
Yeah we’ll be justified in sitting pretty (we’ll move on together)


All those little mem’ries,
And all that we’ve built up
They’re turning into something new now,
Something bold and bright,
We’re ready to take flight,
(We’ll fly high in the sky)
Oh we know nothing better, nothing better,
But what we’re here to do,
Our hopes and dreams, they’re true,
They’re true to me and you.

 Verse 2

Have you ever seen a sky filled with shooting stars?
Maybe you don’t need to look that far.
If you’re searching far and wide for something,
It might be best to stay,
You can find it right here,
Where our hopes and dreams draw near.


So take each other’s hands, hold on tight (we’ll all lead the way)
Then close your eyes and see what you can find (just listen to what we say)


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