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BBC Showcase: Wolf Hall

The Liverpool Echo have today posted an article featuring photographs from the BBC Worldwide Showcase Wolf Hall event at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral which took place on 24th February. The BBC have only just released the photos and the one above is a spectacular impression of what was an incredible performance of Royals from a 200-strong choir put together by Sense of Sound. I had the privilege of directing this awesome group of singers.

See the article HERE!

The choir was made up of singers from Sense of Sound Singers, Up For Arts, Unilever’s Sunlight Unplugged, Wirral Grammar School for Boys, The Carol Belles, Birkenhead High School Academy, Hope Street Harmonies, Indigo Vibe, The University of Chester and The Bebington Bittermen. The Bittermen also sang a Gregorian chant composed by Jennifer John to open the segment. The vision for the piece came from Sense of Sound’s Saphena Aziz and it was played out to perfection.

The choir were a cappella apart from a powerful pair of drummers backing us up (Tony Jennings and James Sills).


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