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Shlomo & The Vocal Orchestra

On Saturday 18th July, I was asked to deputise on a gig with Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra at the Village Beach Festival in Grays, Kent. Shlomo is a beatboxer whose passion is to share what the human voice can do with people. His incredible artistry and talent is only matched by his down to earth and lovely personality.

I first worked with Shlomo when he collaborated with Sense of Sound last summer in Migration Music at the Everyman and I was honoured to be asked to sing with his vocal orchestra who are a collective of vocalists and beatboxers. They are all amazing at what they do and they bring together their outstanding vocal talents to create one tight a cappella sound. Working with them was a real buzz and I learnt a lot from the experience, not least from having to do little bits of beatboxing…


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On Friday 17th July, I led a flash mob to highlight the issue of honour based violence. This was in conjunction with Merseyside Police and ICE Liverpool who are running the initiative. The campaign to end honour based violence is a hugely important issue that we were honoured to be involved in. Click HERE to find out more about the issue, specifically about one particular case that has had strong media coverage #RememberShafilea

I was asked to put together an arrangement of ‘Just Stand Up’, which was originally sung by Beyonce, Rihanna and a whole host of other huge artists. It is not a song that I had actually heard before, but I am now in love with the music and the message. It was originally used for the ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ charity.

We had a really worthwhile day, talking to the public and working with the team from Merseyside Police and ICE, who were handing out flyers, sunblock and flight cushions carrying the initiative’s message. Our group of 12 singers consisted of excellent vocalists of different ages that I work with.







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