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With Love From Liverpool


Sense of Sound Singers took part in the ‘With Love From Liverpool’ concert on Saturday 19th September, performing in our own right and backing Space and The Farm. The event raised money for British Red Cross in aid of the humanitarian crisis and to do our bit to help the desperate refugees fleeing Syria. It was a room full of people who believe in humanity and believe that #allyouneedislove .. Liverpool is a proud city full of caring people who refuse to stand by when others are in desperate need.

Liverpool has a lot to be proud about lately, including this concert and standing up and steering away the White Man March. Merseyside are also one of very few areas across the UK with zero conservative MPs which is another thing that allows us to hold our heads up high.

I hold high hopes for Jeremy Corbyn and recently became a member of Labour in reaction to his part in the leadership race. If the press lay off and stop trying to smear him, I believe ordinary people will realise that he is the man who will stands for fairness and stands up against the rich, the greedy and the power-crazy.

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