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The Botanist Carol Tour


We are close to completing the Christmas tour with our quartet of carollers (featuring four out of six of us throughout – Izzy Owen, Dionne McHugh, Amy Chalmers, Ben Turner, Jeanette Boyhan and myself – Two on the subs bench throughout!) We have done ten gigs so far and we have two more on Christmas eve – The Botanist, Knutsford at 3pm and The Botanist, Alderley Edge at 7pm. This is your last chance to see ‘The Carollers’ do their thing until next Christmas!

So far, our tour has taken in The Botanist, Manchester…botanistmanc

The Botanist, Newcastle

newcastle-2 newcastle

The Botanist, Knutsford


The Botanist, Alderley Edge

The Botanist, Chester


The Botanist, Leeds


The Botanist, York (featuring the most raucous singing along from bar-goers!)


The Botanist, Sheffield

…and The Oast House, Manchester


UPDATE: Our Christmas Eve gigs in Knutsford and Alderley Edge were a real treat and a lovely way to end our tour.

Big thanks to our lovely soundmen from Blacka and Ad Lib. Thanks also to Berian and Luke at Genre Music for inviting us and organising the logistics of the tour! Finally, thank you to the brilliant staff at all the NWTC venues that we visited.

Who knows, perhaps next Christmas, the Carollers will return…

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