Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Christmas 2017

As usual, Christmas was a busy time for all the choirs I am involved with! The Luminelles were particularly busy, performing two sets at the Autism Together Christmas Concert at the magnificent Eaton Hall in Cheshire on 13th December…

They then went on to perform in collaboration with Over The Water at the Radio City Christmas Concert at the Anglican Cathedral on 18th December and at Constellations on 23rd December (see separate posts for these two events). In between these two events, they sang in the waiting room at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre on Friday 22nd December…

At the beginning of the month, I had the privilege of coaching the one-night-only staff choir at the St John’s Hospice ‘Light Up A Life’ event. The staff were all absolutely lovely and it was so special that they stepped up to perform at their own event.

Wirral Globe article HERE.

As has become tradition, I led a quartet of carol singers in performing at various Botanist venues around the country as well as at the Titanic in Liverpool. This year we visited Liverpool, Chester, Didsbury, Sheffield, Nottingham and Newcastle. The quartet consisted of Izzy Owen, Dionne McHugh, Amy Chalmers and myself, with Jeanette Boyhan filling in for Izzy in Nottingham and Newcastle and Ben Turner filling in for Amy on Christmas Eve at the Titanic in Liverpool and in Alderney Edge.

My final gig of the season came on Christmas Day, performing three festive 45-minute sets at The Titanic Hotel in Stanley Dock, Liverpool.