Arrangements Published

I’m very pleased to announce that my first published pop choir arrangements are now published and available to buy & download at http://www.freehandmusic.com/search?all=Matt+Lammin .. After Thanksgiving, the company will be rebranding and moving to www.onlinesheetmusic.com

Skinny Love

Filmed & edited by the fabulous Nico Russell (Twitter @nicoah), this video is four of me singing my vocal arrangement of Skinny Love.. Together Pop Choir sing this version and it is one of my favourites. I have used it …
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Video Games

Another collab on the Blue Fluff Channel with Jason Tebble, featuring Chloe Donnelly on vocals & Flash Murphy on pretend drums. Follow Ash on Twitter @FlashCarpe …

You Need Me vs Who’s Laughing Now

Jason Tebble and I have set up a new collab channel – Blue Fluff Music, working with Nico Russell. We are going to be recording and filming regular stuff, and our first video is a mash-up of Ed Sheeran’s ‘You …
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Sense Of Sound Auditions Complete

Sense of Sound’s audition process is over, and they have welcomed twenty-two new faces into the choir, which is really exciting news! Jessica Hawe, one of the outgoing Together Pop Choir members, is one of the successful auditionees. I’m very …
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