Flume Of Christmas 6 – River

The sixth flume instalment features a fabulous, touching rendition of ‘River’ by Joni Mitchell. This one features Kaya U Herstad Carney and Nickolas Byrne and comes via satellite link from Norway. Follow Kaya on Twitter @KayaMusic & her fantastic band …
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Flume Of Christmas 5

We are at the halfway stage of the Flumes, and the video today is ‘O Little Town Of Bethlehem’, featuring three mes, and one ringer.. The arrangement I’m singing in the video is one of my own scored-out arrangements.

Flume Of Christmas 4

We are nearing the halfway stage of The Flume Of Christmas, and we have Denise Harry and Jan Ross, both from Sense of Sound Singers, joining us singing ‘Ding Dong Merrily On  High’.

Flume Of Christmas 3

The third instalment of the Flume Of Christmas series sees Jay Norton and his censored I Hate You (Merry Christmas). Written by Jay, it is a tongue-in-cheek take on Christmas. Enjoy! Follow / tweet him @jaynorton13

Little Donkey

Part II of the Christmas extravaganza that is ‘The Flume Of Christmas’ continues with ‘Little Donkey’, with lead vocals from Nico Russell, backed by Jason Tebble on vocals and bass guitar, and Matt Lammin on vocals and keytar. Rob Chalmers …
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